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The ZAMBA Logo Story

During 2005 the Director of Zamba, Helen Tan, discussed the development of a logo and image for her new lingerie range with an Australian friend and business partner.

Helen intended to present a range of lingerie to the global market that was feminine and slightly exotic, but also of the highest quality and elegance. The word Zamba was chosen to denote the underlying image and quality of the new range.

Zamba is a popular form of dance in Argentina. The Zamba is an art form in Argentina and is performed majestically and elegantly by couples as a dance of celebration.

The original Zamba Lingerie logo and concept designs were drawn by a young graphic designer in Bangladesh. Helen Tan showed these original ideas to clients and friends during her many overseas market visits to France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Mexico, Australia and Singapore.  The final logo designs and concepts were completed in Hong Kong by Italy Design. The garment designs were made in the USA and China – resulting in the launch of a label that is truly global in its origins.

 In the true spirit of China, the Zamba collection results from creativity, determination, and pride in meeting the worlds demand for quality.